Oregon Skatepark Tour

Oregon Skatepark Tour is scheduled for August 5th-8th 2019 price per person is $695.


Oregon Skatepark Tour is the next evolution of Booger Tour.  This is a multi-day overnight camping, swimming, skateboard trip traveling throughout this great State of Oregon and hitting as many skateparks as possible in 4 days (the record is 19 Parks!). 

Minimum age for campers on Oregon Skatepark Tour is 10 years old.(unless Gabe says you can go)

What to Bring

Skateboard, helmet, pads, water bottle, toiletries, towel, clothes for 4 days, sleeping bag, pillow, sleeping pad, sunscreen, hat, swimsuit, backpack and extra snacks.  

Space is limited to 10 skaters.  Please call or email for more details. (541-419-9124 or 541 797-6679)