Bearings Skateboard Academy

Bearings Skateboard Academy is an skateboard training facility with a coaching staff that provides private skateboard instruction, group skateboard lessons and skateboard camps in Bend, Oregon.

Instagram: @bearings_skateboard_academy



Amid the outbreak of COVID-19, Bearings has unfortunately been severely impacted, along with several other small and beloved businesses in our community. 

Because of the negative ramifications, COVID-19 has caused, we have had to do some temporary restructuring as a result. Here are a few things you can expect from us in the immediate future:

Bearings is no longer located at our regular facility on Glenwood due to venue expenses. However, we are fully insured to skate with our students anywhere in the state of Oregon. With that in mind, we will be scheduling lessons at our many outdoor skateparks in the immediate vicinity. Each day will feature a specific park that will be your meet-up place with your coach and that is where you will conduct your lesson. 

*NOTE: Due to the change in venue, please be aware that our previous facility number will no longer be active. If you need to contact us, either contact your coach directly to get ahold of us with Gabe Triplette's (owner) number or by email. This information is as follows: 


Phone: 541-419-9124



We will be continuing with Booger Tours and Bigger Tours this summer! We will be capping off the size of the groups that will be able to attend at any given time for everyone's safety going forward but will be conducting several Booger-tours and similar camps throughout the summer so we can keep skating, get some fresh air, and some much-needed social interaction with one another. So keep an eye out for new dates for upcoming camps/booger tours. Information of any and all recreational activities of the sort can be found on our Mindbody app as well as on our website.

Furthermore, we would like to thank you all for BEARING with us during this difficult time (sorry, I had to, it was right there). We know it has been trying for everyone, and the way we are structuring the business for the moment is a little unconventional for us. Please know that we are here with you and will be as flexible and as pliant to your needs as possible, given the underlying circumstances, and we appreciate the same courtesy from you. We thank you for being understanding as we navigate a certain level of uncertainty moving forward. Bearings has every intention of continuing to offer our unique services to our beloved community for many years to come, and it is in no small part due to YOUR unwavering loyalty and love for us, and for skateboarding, that we will be able to do so. Rest assured the sentiment is returned ten-fold. WE LOVE OUR BEARINGS FAMILY!!